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Raise Your Business Profile

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One of the most powerful talent management methods is to attract candidates by utilising your company branding and values. Fusion gives you a branded corporate site, on-site job board and a simple and efficient applicant tracking system.

By maximising awareness of your brand you’ll drive more traffic to your website and bring the people you need to your door.

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Fully Mobile Recruitment Software

Do you know how many people use mobile devices as part of the job searching to seek opportunities? 88%. That’s a huge section of potential candidates who could be alienated if they can’t easily interact with your site. We offer a fully mobile-optimised version of Fusion to take advantage of this market.

Our recruitment applicant software technology allows candidates on mobile devices to search, save and apply for your vacancies on the go. It can also automatically detect and redirect them to a mobile version ensuring they get a quality browsing experience.

Comprehensive Applicant Tracking System

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One of the most time-consuming parts of recruitment can be sorting through and managing information spread across systems and document types. Spreadsheets, text documents, printed CVs, online applications. Things can get messy fast.

Fusion gives you access to our custom Applicant Tracking System letting you manage all candidates from one platform, putting everything at your fingertips. You can also use it to build talent pools and generate detailed reports, helping you evaluate and streamline future recruitment.

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Upgrades For Greater Flexibility

Fusion, in standard or mobile version, can be easily tailored to your precise needs. We offer a range of modules that can be added to the system at any time to enhance your recruitment. If you want to integrate just the social networking platforms you use, then you can. Need to add additional users? It’s easy.

The facility to make our recruitment technology bespoke means you only pay for the features that will improve your specific hiring process.

Find out More About Fusion Recruitment Software

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Every business is different; we understand investing in recruitment software can be daunting. That’s why we work in partnership with you – to help you find your feet, transition into the software that’s right for you, and ensure you future-proof your activity.

Fusion recruitment technology gives you more control over your hiring activity – providing you with a platform to make your online recruitment activity more successful.