5 proven methods for boosting employee loyalty

There’s no better type of employee than a loyal employee. Loyalty may not be one of the uppermost factors that you incorporate in your direct sourcing strategy, but it certainly should be. After all, your company will end up many thousands of pounds poorer over time if that supposedly dream staffer ends up leaving just ...more

3 characteristics of great remote workers

In more ways than one, today’s is the age of the remote employee. By this, we aren’t just referring to those based halfway around the world who may have little choice but to fulfil their duties for you remotely, but also your regular employees who may spend time in your office alongside periods working from ...more

3 potential causes of high employee turnover

High employee turnover isn’t necessarily the disastrous state of affairs for your business that it is often said to be for many organisations. After all, your firm may be in an especially challenging sector where only those with a very particular set of core competencies really succeed. However, there’s a very distinct difference between ‘positive ...more

5 ways in which Millennials are transforming the workplace

There are no firm dates for how one classifies as being part of the Millennial generation. However, it’s generally accepted that it stems from being born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. This generation has experienced a lot of changes from previous generations, both socially and technologically and the effects of this are ...more

6 key factors in talent retention

To thrive in the modern digital world, your company may need a variety of tech posts, but there is a shortage of good employees to fill such roles. For this reason, the use of up-to-date recruitment technology is vital, but so is keeping hold of the great talent you’ve already got. Here are six crucial ...more

3 things that will inspire your top talent

Great employees don’t just provide your company with significant added value – they are hard for even the best recruitment agency in Belfast to find, and they are even harder to replace if they quit. If there’s one thing that you therefore most definitely need to do for your staff, it’s inspire them. An inspired ...more

How to create a fantastic passive talent funnel

Never underestimate the importance of passive candidates to the staff recruitment of your Belfast company. What do we mean by ‘passive’? We’re referring to those individuals who may not be seeking a job right now – indeed, they might be pretty happy where they are – but who may nonetheless be interested if the right ...more

5 characteristics of a committed employee

Recruitment companies in Northern Ireland love a committed employee. These are the people who make the wheels of business turn, who are willing to put in the effort that the average worker just wouldn’t, who take ownership over the success and failure of their organisation. So, we’ve established that committed, engaged employees are pretty vital. ...more

5 qualities that your next recruit absolutely must have

Recruitment companies throughout Dublin have certainly been getting a lot of business recently as the city’s economy continues its recovery. However, the market is increasingly a candidate’s one – there is frankly a lot of competition for the very best people. If your own company wants to avoid a dud hire, it therefore needs to ...more

How to pick the right passive candidates

Sometimes, just sometimes, your normal online recruitment in Northern Ireland isn’t bearing fruit. You’ve done all of the ‘right’ things – put together a job advert, post it on a job board, optimise your careers site nicely – and yet, no one who is applying seems to be quite right for your vacancy. Is the ...more