Stay on top of your hiring this December with Webrecruit Ireland

December can be a strange time for recruiters and jobseekers alike. As the Christmas excitement builds, the winter wind down commences. In most cases, this means that hiring activities are ignored until recruitment resolutions are put into practice in the New Year. But, why wait until January to get on top of your recruitment? With ...more

Don’t underestimate the personal touch when recruiting

The hiring process can often feel like a very soulless one. Comparing CVs and assessing the grades and qualifications of individual candidates can sometimes seem a lot more like a science than an art. However, by looking more carefully at the people and personalities behind those CVs, you could gain a much greater – and ...more

How interview feedback forms can help you to separate the best candidates

The interview stage should be just one part of the hiring process for your company – not least because throughout each candidate interview, you should be taking notes, recording answers and preparing your information for a thorough evaluation afterwards. The best way to evaluate your candidates after the interview stage is with a feedback form ...more

3 essential things for employee happiness

The fact that a mere 16% of employees in Ireland are actively engaged in their work should serve as a major wake-up call for the country’s employers. After all, if your staffers don’t care about their jobs, they aren’t likely to be as productive as they could be. Nor will they probably project the best ...more

3 characteristics of great remote workers

In more ways than one, today’s is the age of the remote employee. By this, we aren’t just referring to those based halfway around the world who may have little choice but to fulfil their duties for you remotely, but also your regular employees who may spend time in your office alongside periods working from ...more

5 tips for putting together an effective job advert

Before your firm communicates in any other way with a candidate, they will encounter your job board advertising and immediately begin coming to conclusions on your company and vacancy. Your job adverts, then, aren’t mere information sources, actually being key to your marketing offer to candidates. Write a great job advert and post it in ...more

5 ways in which Millennials are transforming the workplace

There are no firm dates for how one classifies as being part of the Millennial generation. However, it’s generally accepted that it stems from being born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. This generation has experienced a lot of changes from previous generations, both socially and technologically and the effects of this are ...more

6 key factors in talent retention

To thrive in the modern digital world, your company may need a variety of tech posts, but there is a shortage of good employees to fill such roles. For this reason, the use of up-to-date recruitment technology is vital, but so is keeping hold of the great talent you’ve already got. Here are six crucial ...more

3 ways to create a terrible workplace

Whether you conduct your online recruitment in Belfast, Dublin or any other part of Ireland or Northern Ireland, certain things stay the same – not least, the basic ingredients of a truly great workplace. Your business not being Google or Apple or another massive player doesn’t mean that you should neglect company culture – indeed, ...more

5 cost effective candidate screening methods

Even with all of the sophisticated technologies that are now available to recruitment agencies in Ireland and their clients, it isn’t always easy to be sure that the candidate you are hiring is the right one. What are the most cost effective ways to check on a candidate’s background? Learn how Webrecruit Ireland provided Davidson ...more