5 great new hire onboarding tips for SMEs

You don’t need any of the many recruitment firms in Belfast, Dublin or elsewhere in Ireland to tell you that your employees matter – that they make or break a company’s fortunes. Indeed, you will be especially aware of that as an SME or non-profit organisation. After all, smaller firms can have terrible problems with ...more

5 things that make your SME a better place to work

If the holy grail for you, as an employer, is to draw the very best people to your SME, what is the holy grail for them? Simple: they want a great job and a great place to work, something that represents so much more than the coldness of a pay packet. Logic suggests that those ...more

5 tips for getting your very first recruit right

It’s one thing to be working genuinely on your own, as a one-man band. With only your own livelihood to worry about, it can be easier to make those risky business decisions. It’s when someone else’s financial stability depends on you that the sleepless nights can start. Yes, we’re talking about the moment you start ...more

How to enhance your online recruitment with LinkedIn

SMEs need great staff – that much is obvious. But surely, you can do better these days than the old-fashioned paper CV and interview? Online recruitment in Dublin and other parts of Ireland has never been bigger, and LinkedIn is the social media daddy. It’s where you’ll find hundreds of millions of candidates from around ...more