Is your candidate experience putting off applicants?

After advertising, shortlisting and interviewing, you finally select your ideal candidate. They tick all the boxes and they couldn’t be more suited to your organisation if they tried.  But then, before you can offer them the job, they’re snatched up by another employer, or worse, a direct competitor. As recruiters, we’ve all been there and ...more

4 Recruitment Metrics You Need to Know

No matter how high workloads reach, reporting on your hiring activity is vital for measuring the success of your recruitment campaigns. This is very important, because reports on the performance of your advertising will allow you to focus on the sources that work, and speed up the time to find the right people for your ...more

5 Functions of an ATS That Will Enhance Your Volume Recruitment

When recruiting for your organisation, it’s obvious that you need the right people. However, when looking for large numbers of individuals, the headache of hiring tends to increase. You need to be consistent across the campaign, ensuring efficient processes to make sure the project is a success. The more straight-forward your process, the easier it ...more

HR Recruitment Software vs. Applicant Tracking Systems: Comparing Apples vs Oranges?

The recruitment software marketplace is varied, with numerous options available to businesses to choose from. And this market, therefore, can be considerably overwhelming to an HR professional trying to research the most suitable solution. Introducing a software solution, such as an applicant tracking system (ATS), is a common requirement shared by many HR and recruiting teams ...more

Mobile Recruitment Survey

How Many Candidates Are You Missing Out On? When it comes to mobile recruitment your business should consider how candidates are more likely to search. Users have a habit or browsing on the go before applying online. Did you know that… 59% of job seekers use their mobile device in the evening in a social ...more

An Anatomy of a Careers Site

As the front end of an Applicant Tracking System, a careers site is a fully manageable integrated system that allows companies to take control of their direct sourcing whilst advertising and monitoring their vacancies with ease. So what are the key features of a careers site? Webrecruit Ireland takes a look at the functionality of ...more

How to Manage your Recruitment Agencies Using an ATS

For the busy HR professional, achieving ‘zero percent’ agency usage is a reoccurring dream. Many face multiple challenges when striving to solely recruit directly, for example, finding the resources to manage a vast quantity of roles all of a sudden, or having to fill positions requiring niche skill-sets. It’s no surprise, therefore, that external agencies ...more

ATS Software: A 2 Minute Guide

Not every candidate who applies will be suitable for your vacancies, so you’ll need a way to manage these applicants and communicate with them. By building a talent pool and an efficient communication process, you will have a ready-made pool of candidates you can turn to first – before even considering an agency. So, if ...more

Recruitment Software: How to Get Buy-In

You’re sold on applicant tracking software and you realise the benefits that it can deliver. But now, you have to get the support of your business and backing from your MD. When you’re armed with impressive statistics, this might seem like an easy task. However, if you’re working as part of a team who have always ...more

The Applicant Tracking System – Tailoring Your Needs to the Right One

So you’re looking at introducing recruitment software to complement your direct sourcing strategy. But with a range of different options available, how do you know which is right for your business? The first thing to do is to take a look at your current recruitment needs. I’d recommend starting by looking at, on average, how many ...more