5 Common Mistakes Irish Recruiters Make

You might think your Irish company has largely cracked the recruitment riddle – indeed, here at Webrecruit Ireland, we have put together some of the most extensive online employer resources in Ireland to help ensure you do just that. However, even the best-prepared company can still make mistakes, of which the below five are among ...more

3 ways to completely mess up your hiring process

Every company in Ireland or Northern Ireland wants to recruit the best person for the job, every time. But of course, by ‘company’ we effectively mean a hiring team, and by ‘hiring team’, we mean a group of human beings who are as prone as any other human beings to getting things wrong – however ...more

4 glaring recruitment mistakes to avoid

A lot of people have a certain image in mind of what the recruitment game is like – of great numbers of candidates furiously competing to impress an employer. It’s an enduring image, and yet, it is not always accurate of staff recruitment in Ireland. In truth, employers usually have a lot of competition of ...more

How the right recruitment video could make all the difference

These days, it seems positively archaic to ask a hiring manager whether they’re still struggling along with the time-honoured paper cover letter and CV – of course they aren’t. Instead, they’re utilising all of the latest technologies to get the best results from their staff recruitment in Belfast. However, there’s one technology that many in ...more

4 traits that mark out future leaders

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly mercurial qualities of great leaders like Steve Jobs and Sir Alex Ferguson – leadership isn’t something that is impossible to measure or account for. Quite the contrary, there are certain characteristics that repeatedly show up in the most effective leaders, as demonstrated by various studies. The next time you’re ...more

What difference should Millennials make to your recruitment process?

Irish businesses are becoming increasingly populated with the Millennial generation of workers – those born between 1980 and 2000. These employees have different expectations of the world of work and certainly have different aspirations, so how can you attract more of them to your company? Millennials have a need for fulfilment in their work, as ...more

5 tips for boosting your recruitment via mobile

Recruitment firms in Northern Ireland don’t do certain things the traditional way anymore, and nor should the country’s employers when they are looking to hire. Just consider the burgeoning field of mobile recruitment. Companies don’t hire people the same way now – for one thing, candidates are now likely to know at least something about ...more

The 5 elements of an effective hiring process

What are the magic elements of successful staff recruitment in Ireland? The truth is that those elements are much the same in this country as they would be in any other country around the world. As one of the country’s leading recruitment agencies, here at Webrecruit Ireland, we thought we’d pick out five of the ...more

Past performance vs future potential – which matters more?

It’s a key question for so many of the companies that use recruitment agencies in Belfast and other parts of Ireland: do you hire on the basis of a candidate’s past record, or instead their potential for the future? Hiring has so often been done on the basis of the former – after all, that’s ...more

Why you need to stop using spreadsheets to manage your recruitment

Are you still using Excel spreadsheets to manage your recruitment? With the recent advances in the capability of recruitment technology, many HR professionals are embracing recruitment software over paper-based methods. And, with data revealing that 88% of spreadsheets contain errors (according to Market Watch), it is not surprising that many are turning to more reliable ...more