3 types of Millennials that you should know

If there’s one particular ‘category’ of worker that is coming to increasingly dominate offices across Ireland, it is the Millennial. This is the term given to those members of the labour force born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, and they distinctly differ from previous generations. Age aside, Millennials are easy to spot ...more

5 personality traits to seek in a customer service recruit

Throughout your online recruitment in Ireland, you’ll need to consider not just the skills and experiences of your candidates, but also what they are like as people. Certainly, if you are looking for a customer support agent, they will need to be good with other people – but what does that even mean? Here are ...more

5 routes to a truly gender-diverse workforce

Time and time again over the years, studies have popped up suggesting that workplace diversity is firmly A Good Thing. We’re told that companies where equality reigns supreme perform better than their less varied competitors, attract larger pools of talent and have healthier bottom lines. So, with that established – how can you make your workforce ...more

5 tips for boosting your recruitment via mobile

Recruitment firms in Northern Ireland don’t do certain things the traditional way anymore, and nor should the country’s employers when they are looking to hire. Just consider the burgeoning field of mobile recruitment. Companies don’t hire people the same way now – for one thing, candidates are now likely to know at least something about ...more

Why your lowliest workers may also be your most important

Imagine that there are two coffee shops in your neighbourhood. Every lunchtime, you have a choice of which one to go to. They’re about the same in the quality of their coffee. They’re similar in terms of price. There isn’t even much difference as far as atmosphere is concerned. Yet… there’s one that you and ...more

Pay Rise Tips – Advice to help you achieve success

If you are currently in a job and feel you’ve done enough to bag yourself that all important raise? How will you fight your corner in order to show your true worth within your current job role? Plucking up the courage to request a pay rise affects the best of people, no matter what position ...more

What does a recruiter really expect to see on your CV?

Selling your skill set and previous work experience and qualifications to the employer is of great importance in successfully communicating your suitability for the specific role you have applied for. In today’s climate, no matter what level/seniority of the role, there will undoubtedly be a considerable degree of competition amongst competing candidates. Your Curriculum Vitae ...more

Could retargeting technology help to fill your vacancy?

Recruitment was previously seen by some as the art of selling the advertised vacancy you were wishing to fill for your clients. It was all about creating that opportunity for a life changing career that would open up a whole new world of career progression. However, companies wishing to recruit staff have expanded into the ...more

How to fix sales recruitment mistakes

With such a high volume and density of people looking for jobs, you’d think seeking new staff would be relatively simple to find outstanding sales people. However, sales recruitment can be challenging! With the lack of jobs this has increased competition within the hard hitting sales recruitment market. And with so many companies throughout different ...more

Have you considered Instragram as a staff recruitment portal?

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn play a key role in the social media platforms for Webrecruit Ireland (www.webrecruit.ie), and have all been covered and examined for their relevance as an online staff recruitment portal. However the new and upcoming Instragram has created a unique difference in the technological world of social networking. The capability and instant ...more