Pay Rise Tips – Advice to help you achieve success

If you are currently in a job and feel you’ve done enough to bag yourself that all important raise? How will you fight your corner in order to show your true worth within your current job role? Plucking up the courage to request a pay rise affects the best of people, no matter what position ...more

What does a recruiter really expect to see on your CV?

Selling your skill set and previous work experience and qualifications to the employer is of great importance in successfully communicating your suitability for the specific role you have applied for. In today’s climate, no matter what level/seniority of the role, there will undoubtedly be a considerable degree of competition amongst competing candidates. Your Curriculum Vitae ...more

Newspaper recruitment advertising for online audiences

Writing recruitment advertising for your local newspaper was traditionally the form of advertising the majority of companies adopted in the initial stages of the recruitment drive. You may think it is an easily transferable process when doing so for an online audience, however traditional press advertisements don’t usually rely on the right structure and keywords ...more

Negotiating your way to job satisfaction

A BIG well done, against 80 other applicants for the post, you got offered the job. The hard work finally paid off but is it the right job for you for the long term. Before you apply for the job, in the job specification it usually outlines the key benefits you will receive as part ...more

How to fix sales recruitment mistakes

With such a high volume and density of people looking for jobs, you’d think seeking new staff would be relatively simple to find outstanding sales people. However, sales recruitment can be challenging! With the lack of jobs this has increased competition within the hard hitting sales recruitment market. And with so many companies throughout different ...more

Tips on How to Perfect your Online Job Adverts

Recruitment advertising isn’t an easy task and one that shouldn’t be taken for granted. HR managers don’t always fully understand and appreciate the skill of writing effective online job adverts and how different it is to that in the press. Online and press advertising have similar characteristics in the sense, that the detailing of the ...more

Recruitment is not about categorising a candidate as right or wrong

Most companies in today’s business world attribute the success of staff recruitment and engagement to their fortunes. But which is the most important aspect of staff recruitment itself? This would be the candidate identification. As without networking capabilities, forming of a relationship or hire of someone, you aren’t even aware of in the first incidence. ...more

Interview questions with a difference?

Interview questions can be phrased and positioned in many ways, some can come across a bit bizarre and others can be of direct relevance to the recruiters needs. No matter what questions are asked and arise during the interview process and their purpose should be to let the recruiting staff find out more about the ...more

5 Steps for taking an active approach to candidate sourcing

Anyone who is familiar with the recruitment process and has kept up-to-date with the guidance provided by a recruitment firm such as Webrecruit Ireland, is likely to be more than familiar with the terms “active” and “passive” candidates. Did you know however that these terms can also be used when describing the company looking to hire? For ...more

Don’t go the wrong away about trying to find the right employee

The first step for a hiring manager in the recruitment process is recognising that you need to add to your team – be it for expansion or replacing an outgoing member. However, once the need to recruit is recognised, what is then the most important step in the process? To answer this question you must ...more