4 key reporting values of Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can transform how you evaluate your success and how your entire hiring process is performing, from beginning to end. They have entirely remoulded the form of recruitment reporting, making it now easier than ever before to report on the performance of your recruitment campaigns. With an ATS, employers now have the ...more

How to enhance your online recruitment with LinkedIn

SMEs need great staff – that much is obvious. But surely, you can do better these days than the old-fashioned paper CV and interview? Online recruitment in Dublin and other parts of Ireland has never been bigger, and LinkedIn is the social media daddy. It’s where you’ll find hundreds of millions of candidates from around ...more

Could retargeting technology help to fill your vacancy?

Recruitment was previously seen by some as the art of selling the advertised vacancy you were wishing to fill for your clients. It was all about creating that opportunity for a life changing career that would open up a whole new world of career progression. However, companies wishing to recruit staff have expanded into the ...more

Newspaper recruitment advertising for online audiences

Writing recruitment advertising for your local newspaper was traditionally the form of advertising the majority of companies adopted in the initial stages of the recruitment drive. You may think it is an easily transferable process when doing so for an online audience, however traditional press advertisements don’t usually rely on the right structure and keywords ...more

Tips on How to Perfect your Online Job Adverts

Recruitment advertising isn’t an easy task and one that shouldn’t be taken for granted. HR managers don’t always fully understand and appreciate the skill of writing effective online job adverts and how different it is to that in the press. Online and press advertising have similar characteristics in the sense, that the detailing of the ...more

Social media as your recruitment tool

Online recruitment in 2013 is evolving and growing stronger and becoming more competitive than ever. Whether big or small, few companies nowadays are not alert to the importance of social media in today’s business world, especially in the recruitment process. The more traditional-feeling online jobs boards are still attracting the ambitious, self driven job seekers; ...more

Don’t forget the basics – candidate sourcing tips

Never be afraid to go back to basics, in fact, going back to basics is something that we should all do from time to time. It can be all too easy to for us to forget the foundations of our understanding and this is also true when it comes to recruitment. Research and thoroughness is ...more

Best Practices for using LinkedIn for Recruitment

Since the turn of the century and the advent of social media platforms, all of our lives have been changed. We have been able to get closer to each other and take a more in-depth look into each others lives. One of these platforms then decided to introduce social media to the business and professional ...more

A small business owner’s guide to online recruitment

As a small business owner, recruitment can often be a challenge. With limited resources and less staff to manage the hiring process, it quickly becomes a costly and time consuming task. Yet the nature of online recruitment means small businesses can now attract and identify star talent without incurring high costs and wasted time. So, ...more