5 common misconceptions about pre-hire assessments

Implementing a pre-hire assessment as part of your recruitment process can be a risky endeavour. On one hand, giving candidates a chance to demonstrate their skills and abilities in a task akin to what they would encounter in the workplace can be useful. However, you also do not want to risk losing out on a ...more

4 biases that may be jeopardising your hiring efforts

Sadly for so many recruiters, even the soundest direct sourcing strategy can be compromised by personal biases that lead to the backing of unsuitable candidates. Most people do not like to see themselves as in any way prejudiced, but it is – alas sometimes human nature that people‚Äôs perceptions, and opinions don’t always serve them ...more

3 characteristics of great remote workers

In more ways than one, today’s is the age of the remote employee. By this, we aren’t just referring to those based halfway around the world who may have little choice but to fulfil their duties for you remotely, but also your regular employees who may spend time in your office alongside periods working from ...more

5 things that applicants expect from your candidate experience

Are the people who apply for your vacancies happy to accept whatever you say to them and however you treat them, on the basis that you are the employer and therefore “know best”? Not in the slightest – 21st century candidates have high standards, and should they be unhappy with yours, many of them will ...more

3 ways to completely mess up your hiring process

Every company in Ireland or Northern Ireland wants to recruit the best person for the job, every time. But of course, by ‘company’ we effectively mean a hiring team, and by ‘hiring team’, we mean a group of human beings who are as prone as any other human beings to getting things wrong – however ...more

5 seasonal hiring tips for retail employees

Retail is very much the ‘front line’ of seasonal business – with an exponential rise in retail demand during each Christmas period, it falls upon recruitment firms in Dublin and the companies that use them to plan carefully and well in advance to ensure that they take on suitable additional staff. Your team members are ...more

5 qualities that your next recruit absolutely must have

Recruitment companies throughout Dublin have certainly been getting a lot of business recently as the city’s economy continues its recovery. However, the market is increasingly a candidate’s one – there is frankly a lot of competition for the very best people. If your own company wants to avoid a dud hire, it therefore needs to ...more

How the right recruitment video could make all the difference

These days, it seems positively archaic to ask a hiring manager whether they’re still struggling along with the time-honoured paper cover letter and CV – of course they aren’t. Instead, they’re utilising all of the latest technologies to get the best results from their staff recruitment in Belfast. However, there’s one technology that many in ...more

How a happier workforce will serve you well in 2015

With each New Year, comes an injection of new, fresh-faced people into the labour market. It’s therefore a pretty busy time for recruitment companies in Dublin like Webrecruit Ireland, but you’ll have a lot to think about yourself – not least, how you can keep your new and existing staff members happy. Employee satisfaction is ...more

Past performance vs future potential – which matters more?

It’s a key question for so many of the companies that use recruitment agencies in Belfast and other parts of Ireland: do you hire on the basis of a candidate’s past record, or instead their potential for the future? Hiring has so often been done on the basis of the former – after all, that’s ...more