5 great new hire onboarding tips for SMEs

You don’t need any of the many recruitment firms in Belfast, Dublin or elsewhere in Ireland to tell you that your employees matter – that they make or break a company’s fortunes. Indeed, you will be especially aware of that as an SME or non-profit organisation. After all, smaller firms can have terrible problems with ...more

Negotiating your way to job satisfaction

A BIG well done, against 80 other applicants for the post, you got offered the job. The hard work finally paid off but is it the right job for you for the long term. Before you apply for the job, in the job specification it usually outlines the key benefits you will receive as part ...more

Have you considered Instragram as a staff recruitment portal?

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn play a key role in the social media platforms for Webrecruit Ireland (www.webrecruit.ie), and have all been covered and examined for their relevance as an online staff recruitment portal. However the new and upcoming Instragram has created a unique difference in the technological world of social networking. The capability and instant ...more

Marketing recruitment strategy to attract creative candidates

Creativity in marketing helps to challenge the marketer into thinking ‘outside the box’. They are often categorised as a candidate who has an eye for detail and, potentially, some exciting creative design skills. Your marketing team can consist of many different persons with a wide variety of skills sets. One or more creative minds within ...more

Interview questions with a difference?

Interview questions can be phrased and positioned in many ways, some can come across a bit bizarre and others can be of direct relevance to the recruiters needs. No matter what questions are asked and arise during the interview process and their purpose should be to let the recruiting staff find out more about the ...more

LinkedIn – The Best Guide for Graduates

Many congratulations, you’ve graduated. Now is the time when all that work in University is to pay off and give you the opportunity to build the career you’ve always wanted. So what’s the next piece in the jigsaw of career aspirations? If you want to get ahead, get recognised and position yourself as the model ...more

Are you hiring your first employee?

All companies, big and small, have to engage in recruitment at some point. For some of these companies, it will be second nature to them, for others a bit more thought and effort has to go into it. But what about those companies who have no experience in recruiting, because they are recruiting for the ...more