Employer Branding 101

Employer branding; one of the most common phrases used to explain exactly how a company can attract talent to their businesses. It’s a phrase we’ve all heard but with everything else going on, do we really spend a lot of time focusing on it? We appreciate it’s hard for employers to focus on branding but, ...more

5 proven methods for boosting employee loyalty

There’s no better type of employee than a loyal employee. Loyalty may not be one of the uppermost factors that you incorporate in your direct sourcing strategy, but it certainly should be. After all, your company will end up many thousands of pounds poorer over time if that supposedly dream staffer ends up leaving just ...more

3 potential causes of high employee turnover

High employee turnover isn’t necessarily the disastrous state of affairs for your business that it is often said to be for many organisations. After all, your firm may be in an especially challenging sector where only those with a very particular set of core competencies really succeed. However, there’s a very distinct difference between ‘positive ...more

5 brilliant non-financial ways to reward your employees

Let’s presume that you’ve done all of the things theoretically necessary to land the very best talent and enable them to make an instant impact at your company: post your vacancies in the most appropriate places, invest in the right candidate management software; refine your onboarding process… what’s still missing? Oh, yes: money. In theory, ...more

3 types of Millennials that you should know

If there’s one particular ‘category’ of worker that is coming to increasingly dominate offices across Ireland, it is the Millennial. This is the term given to those members of the labour force born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, and they distinctly differ from previous generations. Age aside, Millennials are easy to spot ...more

3 ways to create a terrible workplace

Whether you conduct your online recruitment in Belfast, Dublin or any other part of Ireland or Northern Ireland, certain things stay the same – not least, the basic ingredients of a truly great workplace. Your business not being Google or Apple or another massive player doesn’t mean that you should neglect company culture – indeed, ...more

3 things that will inspire your top talent

Great employees don’t just provide your company with significant added value – they are hard for even the best recruitment agency in Belfast to find, and they are even harder to replace if they quit. If there’s one thing that you therefore most definitely need to do for your staff, it’s inspire them. An inspired ...more

5 characteristics of a committed employee

Recruitment companies in Northern Ireland love a committed employee. These are the people who make the wheels of business turn, who are willing to put in the effort that the average worker just wouldn’t, who take ownership over the success and failure of their organisation. So, we’ve established that committed, engaged employees are pretty vital. ...more

5 great new hire onboarding tips for SMEs

You don’t need any of the many recruitment firms in Belfast, Dublin or elsewhere in Ireland to tell you that your employees matter – that they make or break a company’s fortunes. Indeed, you will be especially aware of that as an SME or non-profit organisation. After all, smaller firms can have terrible problems with ...more

4 Ways to Future Proof Your Recruitment

If you’re setting up a direct sourcing strategy, it is important to consider more than just the ‘right here, right now’ objectives. By anticipating and factoring in potential future changes you can remain one step ahead of the game. Success is understanding and applying what candidates want when they search for a new job. But, ...more