Tips for Recruiting the Ideal Employee

No one ever said that finding the right employee for your organisation was always going to be easy. It’s one of the reasons why you would turn to recruitment experts in the first place: not just to hire better people, but also to learn how to hire better people. At the end of the day, ...more

Simple Ways to Improve Your Candidate Experience

Nowadays, candidates have so much information available to them that improving candidate experience has never been more important. Needless to say, delivering a positive candidate experience is crucial in attracting top quality candidates. A failure to create a great experience could prevent candidates from applying for any of your future vacancies and can result in ...more

5 cost effective candidate screening methods

Even with all of the sophisticated technologies that are now available to recruitment agencies in Ireland and their clients, it isn’t always easy to be sure that the candidate you are hiring is the right one. What are the most cost effective ways to check on a candidate’s background? Learn how Webrecruit Ireland provided Davidson ...more

How to create a fantastic passive talent funnel

Never underestimate the importance of passive candidates to the staff recruitment of your Belfast company. What do we mean by ‘passive’? We’re referring to those individuals who may not be seeking a job right now – indeed, they might be pretty happy where they are – but who may nonetheless be interested if the right ...more

How to pick the right passive candidates

Sometimes, just sometimes, your normal online recruitment in Northern Ireland isn’t bearing fruit. You’ve done all of the ‘right’ things – put together a job advert, post it on a job board, optimise your careers site nicely – and yet, no one who is applying seems to be quite right for your vacancy. Is the ...more

6 LinkedIn Recruitment Features

89% of recruiters have hired someone through LinkedIn, according to Herd Wisdom (2014). With statistics such as these, it’s no surprise that businesses are taking advantage of the world’s largest professional network to find candidates. But, how can you optimise your recruitment efforts on a budget through LinkedIn to find the best talent? We look ...more