5 things that applicants expect from your candidate experience

Are the people who apply for your vacancies happy to accept whatever you say to them and however you treat them, on the basis that you are the employer and therefore “know best”? Not in the slightest – 21st century candidates have high standards, and should they be unhappy with yours, many of them will ...more

Are you turning off dream candidates? 3 errors you may be making

Most of us who have ever tried to pursue a romantic relationship will know the pain that tends to come with the object of our affections rejecting us. Try as you might to impress them, sometimes, that still doesn’t stop them being more interested in someone else. The hiring process can be very similar. You ...more

Why even unsuccessful candidates need to be treated well

Obviously, not everyone can get your advertised job. There’s going to be disappointment –  so what do you do with all of those unsuccessful candidates, once you have filled your position? Ask any number of recruitment agencies in Dublin, and the answer should be clear: stay in touch. What you must definitely not do, is ...more

5 ways to improve your candidate experience

If you’re reading that title thinking “The candidate experience? What’s that?”, we’re afraid your business could be in major trouble. A great candidate experience is vital to successful staff recruitment in Ireland. After all, the hiring process causes anxiety on both sides, and if your firm messes it up, even the dream applicant could turn ...more