Employer Branding 101

Employer branding; one of the most common phrases used to explain exactly how a company can attract talent to their businesses. It’s a phrase we’ve all heard but with everything else going on, do we really spend a lot of time focusing on it? We appreciate it’s hard for employers to focus on branding but, ...more

3 ways to create a terrible workplace

Whether you conduct your online recruitment in Belfast, Dublin or any other part of Ireland or Northern Ireland, certain things stay the same – not least, the basic ingredients of a truly great workplace. Your business not being Google or Apple or another massive player doesn’t mean that you should neglect company culture – indeed, ...more

How to create a fantastic passive talent funnel

Never underestimate the importance of passive candidates to the staff recruitment of your Belfast company. What do we mean by ‘passive’? We’re referring to those individuals who may not be seeking a job right now – indeed, they might be pretty happy where they are – but who may nonetheless be interested if the right ...more

How to assemble a brilliant social media customer service team

Recruiting a great customer service team to man your company’s social media profiles sounds so easy. Just get a load of tech-savvy youngsters in who seem to spend half of their time on Facebook and Twitter anyway – what could go wrong? Of course, even the least reputable recruitment agencies in Belfast know that it ...more

5 characteristics of a committed employee

Recruitment companies in Northern Ireland love a committed employee. These are the people who make the wheels of business turn, who are willing to put in the effort that the average worker just wouldn’t, who take ownership over the success and failure of their organisation. So, we’ve established that committed, engaged employees are pretty vital. ...more

5 qualities that your next recruit absolutely must have

Recruitment companies throughout Dublin have certainly been getting a lot of business recently as the city’s economy continues its recovery. However, the market is increasingly a candidate’s one – there is frankly a lot of competition for the very best people. If your own company wants to avoid a dud hire, it therefore needs to ...more

6 areas in which your job adverts might discriminate

Job adverts can go wrong in so many ways for the wide range of firms that depend on recruitment agencies in Northern Ireland. The tone might not be quite right, vital responsibilities may have been missed off… or it may be discriminatory. The latter’s a potentially massive problem that risks your company falling foul of ...more

How to pick the right passive candidates

Sometimes, just sometimes, your normal online recruitment in Northern Ireland isn’t bearing fruit. You’ve done all of the ‘right’ things – put together a job advert, post it on a job board, optimise your careers site nicely – and yet, no one who is applying seems to be quite right for your vacancy. Is the ...more

4 glaring recruitment mistakes to avoid

A lot of people have a certain image in mind of what the recruitment game is like – of great numbers of candidates furiously competing to impress an employer. It’s an enduring image, and yet, it is not always accurate of staff recruitment in Ireland. In truth, employers usually have a lot of competition of ...more

How a happier workforce will serve you well in 2015

With each New Year, comes an injection of new, fresh-faced people into the labour market. It’s therefore a pretty busy time for recruitment companies in Dublin like Webrecruit Ireland, but you’ll have a lot to think about yourself – not least, how you can keep your new and existing staff members happy. Employee satisfaction is ...more