Is your recruitment process really cutting it?

          In an ideal world, high rates of employee turnover simply would not exist. In reality, many businesses are faced with regular, disruptive and costly levels of staff departures. An increasing number of businesses fail to see that the hiring process is a crucial process. An excellent recruitment strategy not only ...more

5 Common Mistakes Irish Recruiters Make

You might think your Irish company has largely cracked the recruitment riddle – indeed, here at Webrecruit Ireland, we have put together some of the most extensive online employer resources in Ireland to help ensure you do just that. However, even the best-prepared company can still make mistakes, of which the below five are among ...more

5 routes to a truly gender-diverse workforce

Time and time again over the years, studies have popped up suggesting that workplace diversity is firmly A Good Thing. We’re told that companies where equality reigns supreme perform better than their less varied competitors, attract larger pools of talent and have healthier bottom lines. So, with that established – how can you make your workforce ...more

5 tips for boosting your recruitment via mobile

Recruitment firms in Northern Ireland don’t do certain things the traditional way anymore, and nor should the country’s employers when they are looking to hire. Just consider the burgeoning field of mobile recruitment. Companies don’t hire people the same way now – for one thing, candidates are now likely to know at least something about ...more

Past performance vs future potential – which matters more?

It’s a key question for so many of the companies that use recruitment agencies in Belfast and other parts of Ireland: do you hire on the basis of a candidate’s past record, or instead their potential for the future? Hiring has so often been done on the basis of the former – after all, that’s ...more

Why even Tumblr can be a great recruitment tool

Of all of the social networks that you may use alongside a recruitment agency in Northern Ireland like Webrecruit Ireland, Tumblr is surely one of the least likely. Nobody really talks about it as a recruitment tool, and if you’re looking for that next great executive, LinkedIn’s admittedly the best first port of call. But ...more

Could retargeting technology help to fill your vacancy?

Recruitment was previously seen by some as the art of selling the advertised vacancy you were wishing to fill for your clients. It was all about creating that opportunity for a life changing career that would open up a whole new world of career progression. However, companies wishing to recruit staff have expanded into the ...more

Negotiating your way to job satisfaction

A BIG well done, against 80 other applicants for the post, you got offered the job. The hard work finally paid off but is it the right job for you for the long term. Before you apply for the job, in the job specification it usually outlines the key benefits you will receive as part ...more

Should you hire the CV or the candidate?

One of the more recent recruitment trends is that employers are not just looking for the best person for the job – they are looking for the best person for the company. This means that employers are now looking beyond what’s written in the CV (although this is still essential to get the candidate to ...more

Best Practices for using LinkedIn for Recruitment

Since the turn of the century and the advent of social media platforms, all of our lives have been changed. We have been able to get closer to each other and take a more in-depth look into each others lives. One of these platforms then decided to introduce social media to the business and professional ...more