How Pinterest can help shape your career

Written by Guest Author | April 11, 2014 | 0 Comments
Pinterest logo on LCD screenWhen shaping your pathway to your ideal career Webrecruit Ireland would normally recommend existing candidates to make LinkedIn their number one focus of their online networking.
That said, Pinterest shouldn’t be ruled out and recognised as a competing network in online recruitment and it is important to understand the advantages of this visual-heavy social platform.
Once users have signed up, they are free to start pinning and sharing items of interest to them, from latest blog posts to online job advertisements.
The more content you have on your account, more followers are attracted and will share it far and wide. From feedback with Pinterest users, it is a social platform that is more suited to those in creative careers, such as designers, photographers and marketers. When showcasing their talents and portfolio of work helps in attracting business to recognise their creative skills.
Pinterest can also be of use to jobseekers and are likely to find it a worthwhile valuable resource if they are seeking a change in career, researching potential employers or seeking work.

Simply by typing the relevant terms into the search box in the top navigation bar, candidates can use Pinterest to discover new entrepreneurial and career opportunities.

Pinterest can also help candidates seeking work to find out more about the companies for which they may wish to work for in the future – with the wide use of visual pinboards from employers; it allows candidates to gain a real insight of the work environment, culture and sensibility of that firm. Users wishing to attract the attention of certain companies may opt to follow their boards, repin their content and make comments on their pins.
The job market of 2014 is becoming increasingly harder and more competitive, hence finding new and innovative ways to make you stand out from the competition can only assist you. Introducing a more visual CV on Pinterest could certainly be one way of increasing your job prospects.

Pinterest members can use a variety in pins to express their work history in a form of compelling photos from previous schools/universities to the logos of previous employers.

Finally, people who are self employed or freelancers looking for new work could use Pinterest to create a project board to use it as a platform to exhibit their portfolio for the viewing of prospective clients, leading to business development opportunities. Even those initially joining Pinterest for mere inspiration can find themselves being offered work based on the content of their own that they share.
Like all forms of social media, what you put in will determine what you get out of it but Pinterest can certainly be a vital tool for candidates.

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