Tips on How to Perfect your Online Job Adverts

Written by Guest Author | April 11, 2014 | 0 Comments
Online RecruitmentRecruitment advertising isn’t an easy task and one that shouldn’t be taken for granted. HR managers don’t always fully understand and appreciate the skill of writing effective online job adverts and how different it is to that in the press.
Online and press advertising have similar characteristics in the sense, that the detailing of the job title, necessary skills and experience, as well as the responsibilities of the position. However there are a variety of factors that clients of Webrecruit Ireland are recommended to keep in mind.
Internet advertising needs to be precise and straight to the point so that it captures the reader’s eye. When recruiting staff via the Internet, getting high quality candidates is a big concern. The structure and keywords used become more important than with the case in more traditional media.
Candidates, when searching for jobs online, can use a search engine, inputting search terms that are typically relating to a certain job title or the skills that they acquire rather than focus on a specific job board.
To attract and target the correct candidates, it is recommended your advert appears in the search results of the candidates intended, using the same search terms, or keywords, which are known and used by then alike.
Adverts in search results tend to be listed in order of relevance. This is normally determined by the job title’s keywords, the density of the keywords appearing in the advert text and the date the advert was posted on the site.
The material for your advertised position relies on the search terms that candidates have used, therefore making it easier to identify the correct combination of keywords for the advert. Keywords in the job titles are especially important, as they are generally loaded – in other words, are valued more than keywords in the main advert text.
When advertising you may think it’s important to separate your advertised jobs from your competitors and it is necessary to use a unique job title that will help you stand out. This is something that is not essential and will not increase your candidate replies anymore than the rest. Using a market friendly job title such as ‘Business Analyst’ rather than ‘Analyst Leader-New Business’ is equally as effective, if not more effective.
Your response rate to online job advertisements will be determined by its relevance and will be enhanced if the relevant skills are clearly outlined and required for the role. The text within the advert can be improved through the use of keywords and can be incorporated into the job copy. For example, rather than writing ‘You will be working‘, you could write, ‘As a web developer, you will be working…’
Evidence shows that people don’t always read as much of an advert online as they would in print, so the wording should be short, sweet and simple. Online recruitment adverts don’t have word limits to stop you making your copy keyword rich, so keeping it minimal could be challenging.
Factors to consider when wishing to recruit staff and attract a regular influx of applications can be achieved from communicating precisely and clearly, to highlighting recent company achievements and developments – as well as the job location.
In order to decrease and cancel out any irrelevant applications in your inbox, the required skills and experience should be clearly outlined to minimise the number of irrelevant applications. Also, responses are much more likely if a salary or salary band is stated.
HR Managers who are most in touch and informed will combine these tips with the resourcing solutions, including CV database browsing and applicant response of one of the leading recruitment companies, such as Webrecruit Ireland.

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