Should you hire the CV or the candidate?

Written by Guest Author | April 11, 2014 | 0 Comments
Happy Business GroupOne of the more recent recruitment trends is that employers are not just looking for the best person for the job – they are looking for the best person for the company. This means that employers are now looking beyond what’s written in the CV (although this is still essential to get the candidate to interview stage) and focusing on the personality traits and idiosyncrasies that will give an indication of how well the candidate will fit into the company.
This is where Webrecruit Ireland can be of assistance as we give you full access to candidates while many traditional agencies will interview on your behalf. Do they know better than you whether someone will be a good fit for the company?
If you are an employer who focuses less on the person and more on the credentials, then here are a few things you should take into consideration:

What kind of first impression did the candidate make?

If the candidate has a great CV but walks into the interview poorly dressed and talks to you like he’s your oldest friend, then you need to ask yourself if this approach fits in with the company’s values. Would you want this person approaching clients, suppliers etc in this manner?

Can you picture the candidate as the face of the company?

It may not often be the case that someone you are interviewing is going to be the front of the company, but all employees are extensions of your organisation and are also ambassadors for your brand.
If you are not 100% sure that you would be happy with this candidate being associated with your brand then perhaps this isn’t the right person for the job.

What does their social media accounts tell you about them?

Social media can give great insight into an individual beyond what their CV says and how they appear in an interview.
There is of course a moral grey area surrounding social media background checks but, in reality, it is not much different to obtaining a reference. The objective of a reference is to find out what you can expect from a candidate, and social media checks can offer the same.
It is important to remember that the candidate still needs to be able to fulfil the duties of the role, so experience and credentials must not be forgotten. It will be a lot easier to mould a candidate to fit the company than to train an under-qualified good fit.
Focusing on the personality traits and idiosyncrasies is just another tool in the box. It is something that you should incorporate into your existing recruitment strategy, as opposed to redeveloping your strategy around it.
Let Webrecruit Ireland’s recruitment solutions make it easier for your company to recruit an employee with the right “cultural fit” who also possesses the necessary skills for productivity and success.

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