3 tips for becoming a Millennial-friendly employer

Written by Gareth Bushell | February 22, 2017 |0 Comments
Careers Site vs Careers PageIt’s fair to say that the Millennial generation – those born roughly between 1982 and 2000 – haven’t always attracted the most favourable reviews.
However, workers in this age group have also been noted for their great talent and a propensity to seek responsibility, power and influence much more readily than many of their older counterparts.
Ultimately, Millennials don’t all think or behave the same way, but there are nonetheless certain proven ways to appeal to talent of this age and their frequent desire for quick career advancement.

1. Assemble inter-generational teams

Older workers often possess more in-depth industry knowledge and experience than those in younger age groups, but Millennials tend to be more proficient with technology.
By combining the two in your project teams, you can help to foster mutual respect between your firm’s different generations, while enabling the more efficient completion of projects.

2. Request their feedback

It might not seem the most responsible thing to allow young and inexperienced workers the opportunity to critique the performance of your team. Indeed, it may well be necessary to adopt measures to ensure that any such feedback is shared in a diplomatic manner.
Nonetheless, the fresh perspectives that Millennials can bring to your firm’s current manner of operating can help to shed some light on what may be outmoded processes.

3. Take a looser approach to work structure

Millennials often aren’t great fans of the regimented ‘clocking in and out’ workplace structure, and tend to be attracted to much more open, looser approaches.
By empowering your Millennial employees to keep track of their own work hours and even work away from the office where possible, you can signal your trust in them and encourage them to take responsibility for your firm’s best interests for themselves.
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