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Tips for Recruiting the Ideal Employee

No one ever said that finding the right employee for your organisation was always going to be easy. It’s one of the reasons why you would turn to recruitment experts in the first place: not just to hire better people, but also to learn how to hire better people. At the end of the day, ...more

Three Ways to Maintain a Company Culture

Sometimes within the growth and success of businesses, the corporate value and spirit can become lost. However, a close-knit company culture will highlight exactly what makes the business the success it is. Besides this, a good workplace culture will allow you to invest in the employees, showing them their worth and therefore getting the best out ...more

Three Part Guide to Interview Questions

It’s not just job seekers who have to prepare their answers for interview questions, employers need to ensure they are asking the right questions to get the most out of the interview. The importance and attention given to the interview questions is one of the biggest influences on your organisation’s ability to find great talent ...more

The Best Ways to Successfully Shortlist Candidates

Your recruitment advertising campaign seems to have gone well and applications are beginning to pour in. However, now it’s time to start whittling down the mountain of candidate data and CVs you are faced with. Unfortunately this is a familiar and overwhelming situation for many recruiters, HR personnel and business owners. Although having a large candidate ...more

Why Should Your Business Embrace Social Media?

The popularity of social media has grown dramatically in recent years, and it seems, while many organisations have leveraged it as a successful branding tool, its effectiveness in recruitment has not been realised by many. Social media has had an unavoidable impact on hiring. Alongside the right recruitment software, social platforms are a great way ...more