Have you considered Instragram as a staff recruitment portal?

Written by Kimberley Startup | April 11, 2014 |0 Comments
Instagram iconFacebook, Twitter and LinkedIn play a key role in the social media platforms for Webrecruit Ireland (www.webrecruit.ie), and have all been covered and examined for their relevance as an online staff recruitment portal. However the new and upcoming Instragram has created a unique difference in the technological world of social networking.
The capability and instant impact Instragram could have on your company’s ability to identify the best talent and self motivated candidates, is one that should be used to your advantage. Especially as far as employer branding is concerned? That said, this blog is being prepared when we’re still trying to incorporate Instagram and get to grips with it.
Instragram is known as the social networking service that allows users to expand, diversify and apply a digital filter to their pictures so that valuable space isn’t taken up with all their pictures. The attraction and brand repetition it is building for itself isn’t going unnoticed by the giants of today’s business world. Since its discovery in late 2010, companies including Apple, Nike and Starbucks have all set up Instragram accounts. Their unique selling point and the reason why they are ahead in the competitive race, is their function of sharing not only on Instragram itself, but also other social networking services.
Many of the companies mentioned use Instragram as a tool for direct marketing to capture potential customers and employees alike with product information and images relating to their products or services.
Social Media, year by year, has grown from strength to strength and with the development, smart phones, tablets and similar mobile devices that are only increasing the speed of change. With particular stress on the ‘media’ side of the equation and an example of the competition this market has presented, Facebook successfully purchased Instragram for around $1 billion in 2012.
Written descriptions and CV profiles are still considered a beneficial tool in the recruitment process. However the key to Instragram success in assisting employers in their branding and staff recruitment is the fact that the right image really is worth a thousand words, although the ability for users to comment on shared pictures means that there can also be plenty of words involved.
As well as improving your company’s image and drawing more potential candidates as a result, you can use the app to search for hash tags and users.
Such features have boosted Instragram status as a niche staff recruitment and employer branding tool. With greater Facebook integration, connection features and desktop searching all anticipated for 2014, Webrecruit Ireland (www.webrecruit.ie) and our clients are advised to keep their eye on the platform.

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