Creating a winning sales team

Written by Guest Author | April 10, 2014 | 0 Comments
Handshake in the officeWebrecruit Ireland recognises that recruitment can be a tricky process, regardless of industry.
This is exactly the reason why our recruitment model is centred on simplicity, as well as cost-effectiveness. Webrecruit Ireland has filled roles in virtually every industry and every field but one of the areas that we have found our clients to have the most trouble in finding suitable candidates for is sales.
The salesperson is essentially the person who is bringing the business (and the money) into your company. It is for this reason that the importance of finding the absolute perfect candidate for these roles cannot be taken lightly. Bear in mind that the successful candidate will need to have a proven track record (or the potential to have one) but will also need to fit into your existing team with relative ease so as not to disrupt the selling environment.
Of course hiring the right person is only the first step, once you have that perfect sales person on your books you also need to make sure they stay there. As with any role, the best talent is always in high demand so it’s vital that if anyone else comes knocking, your sales people will not hesitate in turning them down.
Here are a few things to consider doing in order to keep your sales team happy:
Make sure that your team have the chance to develop by including them in important assignments and projects – this will make them feel valued and they will in turn value their role.
Manage your team – make sure that you are tracking their progress and targets and engage and interact with them to see how they feel things are going.
If you are not seeing the results you want then find out what the problem is and maybe look at re-evaluating your game-plan. This could save you from making any harsh decisions when it comes to your staff.
As previously mentioned, the sales people are those who bring the money into the business, so just like a good hire can make you money, a bad one can potentially cost you money – both in recruitment and administrative costs for hiring a replacement and possible lost business.
In addition to all of this, truly great sales people are in many ways in short supply. That’s why it’s not only important to effectively highlight the opportunities that you provide to candidates, but also ensure that they want to stay once they do arrive. You can do that by effectively inducting, training and coaching new sales staff members and flagging up the opportunities that exist to develop the role.
Webrecruit Ireland has a great deal of experience in sales recruitment as part of a wider scope of industry specialisation and we can certainly greatly assist those hiring managers that do have the right team-building strategy.

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