5 cost effective candidate screening methods

Written by Guest Author | September 29, 2015 | 0 Comments
PrintEven with all of the sophisticated technologies that are now available to recruitment agencies in Ireland and their clients, it isn’t always easy to be sure that the candidate you are hiring is the right one. What are the most cost effective ways to check on a candidate’s background?
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1. Googling

It’s one of the oldest candidate screening techniques in our Internet age, but it’s not declined in its effectiveness down the years. However, you might not presently be Googling candidates for the right reasons. Forget the occasional embarrassing nightclub snap – instead, look for evidence that the candidate is highly motivated, capable and accomplished in their field.

2. Checking references

As obvious a piece of advice as it sounds, so many employers – especially smaller firms – fail to even perform reference checks on their potential new recruits. References can reveal some vitally important information, and then there’s the option of calling your candidate’s other past employers to ask whether they would hire them again.

3. Providing tests

If that apparent dream candidate who can speak nine languages or design a brilliant website design from scratch isn’t quite as capable as they appear to be, you will want to find that out before you hire them. You may therefore give the candidate a test during the interview process itself, to ascertain whether they really can put their money where their mouth is.

4. Conducting video interviews

When carrying out in-person interviews, it can be so easy to get sidetracked into different questions that don’t give your candidates an equal experience. It’s bad for you as a recruiter too, as it makes it more difficult to directly compare candidates. So why not hold video interviews that are based on the same set of timed questions, sharing the recorded results among your other team members so that you can all reflect on who came out best?

5. Giving paid projects

Sometimes, even a theoretically brilliant candidate doesn’t work out in practice. Minimise the possibility of this by getting them working for you even before you have hired them – by presenting them with a short-term , paid project. This will give you the chance to evaluate their actual work, as well as how they do the work – including how they manage their time and collaborate with others.
Yes, technology may have made the candidate screening process that bit easier – we know that as well as anyone here at Webrecruit, given our own acclaimed software solution. But with these simple screening methods, you might just avoid that dud candidate and hire your next superstar.

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