Marketing recruitment strategy to attract creative candidates

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Think outside the boxCreativity in marketing helps to challenge the marketer into thinking ‘outside the box’. They are often categorised as a candidate who has an eye for detail and, potentially, some exciting creative design skills.
Your marketing team can consist of many different persons with a wide variety of skills sets. One or more creative minds within your team can be a recipe for success in the ideas of products/services you could offer to clients. This is based on whether your company works within a creative industry or not. Targeting your marketing recruitment in order to get the very best in creativity from candidates, is made easier by having marketing professionals that possess a degree of creative attributes and helps the transition in attracting candidates. Say no more, here are Webrecruit Ireland’s top tips for appealing to creative talent.
Advertise creatively – Coming back to the term ‘think outside the box’, this is an approach that is essential when it comes to job advertisements. If you want to target and attract creative personalities, you too need to have a creative flair to your ways of thinking and working. Entice, draw and capture their mind’s eye into making them want to work for you. Try this list of 10 creative recruitment adverts for inspiration,
Use ‘buzz’ words – Choice of wording, the language used and the imagery presented on your marketing recruitment advertisement, should be carefully considered and one that shouldn’t be rushed. Make it exciting and appealing to read and the use of a range of creative buzzwords. Can really help you stand out.
Sell yourself – Brand image throughout the candidate experience should be presented and visually appeal to the creative audience you are targeting. If your organisation is part of a careers site, it is a good idea to include photos of interesting team working tasks on previous projects carried out or, alternatively, share in today’s virtual business hub of social media. Only sell what the candidate can see evidence of when they are completing their own independent research.
Get social – There is no use in hiring a forward thinker if you yourself can’t relate to this form of thinking. Take into consideration your use of social media for your marketing recruitment. Your friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter do so for a reason; engage with them, and show the world what your organisation is all about.
Promote resources – Promoting resources to your marketing team, with such things like top of the range software and professional magazine subscriptions, should be flaunted and are resources that should flicker interest with creative minds.
Brag the benefits – Additional benefits and incentives that go with the job should also be included as these could be the difference between the potential employees choosing to apply for your job advertisement or your nearest competitor. Everyone is instantly attracted and loves the thought of benefits such as travel, fun nights out or a company (Mac book) and for creative minds especially it’s about more than just the money. One company we are aware of even promotes that their employees are allowed a number of ‘duvet days’ per year.
Have a laugh – The creative world is all about free will, an environment to express your mind, having fun and with this combination it will go down extremely well with most candidates. But we must never lose sight that there’s a serious work ethic behind everything.
Set a task – At the initial interview process, to test and identify whether or not the candidate is deemed creative enough for the role to introduce an activity where they can showcase their design flair. This is a brilliant way to get them relaxed and help them fully express themselves as a creative individual. This will allow the interviewer to get an insight into their unique style and how they may fit into the company.
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