How to fix sales recruitment mistakes

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sales recruitment mistakeWith such a high volume and density of people looking for jobs, you’d think seeking new staff would be relatively simple to find outstanding sales people. However, sales recruitment can be challenging!
With the lack of jobs this has increased competition within the hard hitting sales recruitment market. And with so many companies throughout different sectors and markets battling for star performers, mistakes can be made which leads to slip ups when recruiting sales people.
Here are some of the worst sales recruitment mistakes and what you can do to fix them.

Mistake #1 Not moving quickly enough

Sticking to timelines at the start of the recruiting process is essential when you’re looking to recruit sales people.
The best in the game of sales and top performers are in high demand and if you want to run a successful team and get the best people, then you’re going to have to move quickly. When there is a team involved in the sales recruitment process, make sure they’re aware of the urgency to engage with the candidates at the earliest opportunity.

Mistake #2 Chasing the ‘hungry’ people

Candidates that show hunger, desire and enthusiasm for a job in sales would undoubtedly appear the perfect fit for that job. This, in my opinion, is normally a good sign but it isn’t always as straightforward as it may come across, as the person who displays these characteristics could well just be in need of a job and will go for any role that provides them with a steady income. But what then happens when the job they really want comes along?
In order to ensure your selection process is working, listing traits you require for success in your vacancy and company can help you stay as objective as you can in the process. Referring to this list from time-to-time to make sure you’re still on track and ensure no lasting regrets you make in your final candidate choice.
To benefit from this approach, it is recommended that the use of personality trait questionnaires will help the selection process a lot easier.

Mistake #3 Not selling your company well enough

With the demand for top sales stars always being high, to stand out from the crowd, you have to sell the opportunity to work for your company, ensuring they understand all the benefits of working for your organisation. This includes remuneration and company culture, to training, support and career progression. Recruitment, across all sectors, is all about selecting the right candidate with the candidate selecting the right job for them. Explain the role and opportunities and if the candidate doesn’t feel energised or inspired by this, it does not matter how good their CV is, they are not the right candidate for your organisation.

Mistake #4 Forgetting to stay in touch

Continuous communication with your new sales person you’ve offered the job to right up until the start date will help you retain your star possession. Although verbal agreements may be in place there’s still a chance your star performer could be given a counter offer from current employer or competitor.  Keeping them feeling as comfortable as possible with the offer they’ve accepted by dropping them an email from time-to-time or picking up the phone, to show how valued they will be in your company can go a long way.
By avoiding these four common sales recruitment mistakes, you too can improve both the quality of your sales hiring and your sales team.
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