Best Practices for using LinkedIn for Recruitment

Written by Guest Author | April 10, 2014 | 0 Comments
LinkedIn logo smallSince the turn of the century and the advent of social media platforms, all of our lives have been changed. We have been able to get closer to each other and take a more in-depth look into each others lives.
One of these platforms then decided to introduce social media to the business and professional world, and LinkedIn was born, bringing all professionals closer together. This in turn, brought prospective professionals i.e. job seekers into the frame making LinkedIn the first choice social media platform when it comes to recruitment.
LinkedIn boasts a membership of 200 million professionals globally, but how many of these users actually know how to use LinkedIn to attract talent?
Webrecruit Ireland has some advice to offer in terms of best practice when recruiting using LinkedIn. 
The first thing to remember is to use your company page to its full potential. Remember that candidates are looking at the company as well as the job, so don’t just put basic company information in your company’s page, let people know exactly what they can expect if they are successfully appointed.
Your company page will also allow you to post up any vacancies you have, and the great thing about this is that it is very easy to share these vacancies. This means that your employees can share it in their networks and it can be shared in other groups, thereby giving you an incredible reach.
Another point to remember is that all social media platforms are about engaging with your audience. On LinkedIn you can do this by posting, commenting on and sharing interesting and relevant content. A way to assist with this is to join groups and engage and interact with members. This can also help you meet new people and network (possibly with people who may be suitable for your vacancies or who would be willing to share your openings with their network).
It may seem like using LinkedIn effectively, in accordance with the advice above, would take up a lot of valuable time – this is not the case. In actual fact if the best practices are followed, you will find that it takes very little time to keep up with all these activities. Bear in mind that they are all part of a process that occurs over time; to use LinkedIn effectively does not mean having to network and post content for hours per day.
Why not see for yourself and get started now – you’ll find that it will take you no time at all to get to grips with using LinkedIn in the best way to ensure your vacancies and your company get the best exposure.
You may also find our guide “How to attract top talent using LinkedIn” to be useful – you can download your free copy here. 

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