Advice from the experts on how to treat candidates

Written by Guest Author | April 11, 2014 | 0 Comments
handshake_puzzle1Many organisations are under the impression that due to the demand for, and scarcity of, jobs the way those who are seeking employment are treated does not matter.
This is not the right approach or attitude to take when it comes to candidates. Granted that there are many different recruitment processes which exist, some of which may be slightly more impersonal and formal but it is important to remember that your candidates are people (and possibly the future of your company) and should be treated as such.
Webrecruit Ireland has compiled a list of points to take into consideration when thinking about the candidate during the recruitment process.
The candidate may have other interviews – You may not be the only option the candidate has and if they are weighing up multiple offers then the company who came across as more hospitable in the interview and was perceived to have a better environment may be the front runner.
You don’t want your new hire to start with the wrong impression – Ideally, if you hire someone, you want them to start with enthusiasm, hunger and desire. However, if the candidate has had to endure a tedious hiring process then it is possible that they will want to see what the working environment is like before deciding to commit their full efforts.
It is not just your employees who can be brand ambassadors – Employees who are treated well can work wonders for a company as their treatment will reflect in their work and word-of-mouth descriptions of the company.
This can also be true of candidates within the recruitment process. If a candidate comes out of an interview after a bad experience then they will let others know – and there is a possibility that this could reach other potential candidates who may take themselves out of contention.
Make sure the process is taken seriously – Do not approach recruitment in an unstructured or rushed manner. This will inevitably result in potential poor hiring decisions, be it hiring the wrong person or missing out on the right person.
Make sure that everyone involved in the process takes it seriously and shows a genuine desire to implement a strategy that will result in the best talent being hired in an effective and efficient manner.
Bad hires cost money – As previously mentioned, an unstructured recruitment process may lead to the wrong person being hired, but the problem does not end there. This person has cost you money to recruit, man hours to process their paperwork and potential lost revenue if they under perform. In addition to this, there is also the cost of replacing this employee to take into consideration.
With technological advancements in recent years, automated processes have become the norm – this is also true of recruitment. However, at WebrecruitIrelandwe believe that it is also a nice touch to introduce a humanised element into the process. Even something as simple as having profiles of the employees on the website would suffice. This can reflect positively on the company and give potential candidates some form of connection.
Webrecruit Ireland has years of experience in guiding employers and candidates through the recruitment process. Feel free to get in touch with the team if you would like to know more.

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