5 Steps for taking an active approach to candidate sourcing

Written by Guest Author | April 11, 2014 | 0 Comments
Online RecruitmentAnyone who is familiar with the recruitment process and has kept up-to-date with the guidance provided by a recruitment firm such as Webrecruit Ireland, is likely to be more than familiar with the terms “active” and “passive” candidates.
Did you know however that these terms can also be used when describing the company looking to hire?
For instance, do you know if your company is currently incorporating an active or passive approach to recruitment? If you don’t then this is something you need to evaluate as it is important that you as the hiring firm don’t take a passive approach when trying to attract active and passive candidates.
Below is a checklist of things your company can do to take a more active approach to recruitment.

1. Promote your company as well as your vacancy –

Candidates will be more responsive to vacancies from a company they can relate to.

2. Make sure that your current employees have a positive view of the company –

This will encourage them to promote any vacancies within their own networks.

3. Use your existing candidate database –

You may already have the CV of the perfect candidate under your nose.

4. Don’t use the same platforms for all vacancies –

Some social networks and online platforms may have worked well for your last vacancy, but make sure that you widen your reach by exploring other options.

5. Engage with your community –

Give your company a presence on social media and let people know that the company is interesting and interactive.
By following these simple steps and recruiting actively you will improve your company’s chances of attracting the best talent out there, talent that will help your company grow and continue to be successful.
The alternative is spending endless hours going through an infinite amount of average CVs from unsuitable candidates.

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