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How to get candidates excited about your brand at the interview stage

We may have long been in a job market that puts the most talented candidates in an advantageous position in terms of choosing from job offers, but is that represented in your hiring team’s approach to interviews? The way you interview candidates should be central to your direct sourcing strategy, and in particular, it is ...more

3 simple ways to add to your firm’s talent pools

Of the many ways to enhance your company’s online recruitment, one of the best is to invest in the creation of the most in-depth talent pools. ‘Talent pools’ are shortlists of people who you aren’t actively considering for a role at your firm at the moment, but who may be suitable for a position with ...more

5 tips for getting better results from your job descriptions

It’s understandable that if you have a burning need for a candidate in a particular position, you may wish to post a job advert quickly, even with a far-from-finalised job description. However, all of the leading recruitment companies in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland would always advise you to take your time over ...more

How to keep your employees’ careers moving forward

Any company that has ever used a recruitment agency in Belfast, Dublin or elsewhere in Ireland or Northern Ireland has probably previously had that employee on their books who was just too good not to promote. Indeed, if you fail to give such high-performing workers a greater level of responsibility, they may not be as ...more

3 tips for becoming a Millennial-friendly employer

It’s fair to say that the Millennial generation – those born roughly between 1982 and 2000 – haven’t always attracted the most favourable reviews. However, workers in this age group have also been noted for their great talent and a propensity to seek responsibility, power and influence much more readily than many of their older ...more