Direct Sourcing For Your Organisation

Do you want to set up direct sourcing for your company?

Webrecruit Ireland have worked relentlessly with clients to reduce their reliance on agencies by offering technology solutions and recruitment advertising. This has allowed companies to save millions of pounds.

Reducing Your Reliance On Recruitment Agencies

If your company recruits great volumes of staff the costs associated and agency fees soon add up. As your direct sourcing recruitment partner Webrecruit Ireland will help you complement your in-house recruitment team and provide talent sourcing and high volume recruitment strategy solutions.


Unlike traditional recruitment experts, we offer recruitment solutions that integrate effortlessly with your existing department. As your strategic partner we can help you improve your existing talent sourcing process, building a sustainable direct sourcing model that gives you total control.

A Direct Sourcing Success

By combining expert recruitment knowledge, cutting-edge recruitment technology and unrivalled flexibility we will ensure you attract and hire the candidates you need.

Working with Webrecruit you get access to the tools and skills of recruitment experts while vastly reducing time to hire and agency costs.

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