Why Should Your Business Embrace Social Media?

The popularity of social media has grown dramatically in recent years, and it seems, while many organisations have leveraged it as a successful branding tool, its effectiveness in recruitment has not been realised by many. Social media has had an unavoidable impact on hiring. Alongside the right recruitment software, social platforms are a great way ...more

Simple Ways to Improve Your Candidate Experience

Nowadays, candidates have so much information available to them that improving candidate experience has never been more important. Needless to say, delivering a positive candidate experience is crucial in attracting top quality candidates. A failure to create a great experience could prevent candidates from applying for any of your future vacancies and can result in ...more

Take Control of Your Recruitment in 2018

It’s that time of the year again, to start a-fresh, reflect on the previous year and map out your New Year recruitment goals. Here at Webrecruit Ireland, we have pulled together three important components to consider when creating your 2018 recruitment strategies. Whether this is to improve your candidate journey or management, or to reduce ...more

Three Reasons Why You Need an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

There are few things as frustrating as a ton of spreadsheets and an inbox full of job applications. However, an applicant tracking system presents a range of benefits including an improvement in your time to hire and a reduction in costs. So, what exactly is an applicant tracking system? An ATS is an aspect of ...more

How to make sure your company attracts more graduates

It’s that time of the year again – hundreds of thousands of students are preparing to finish their university courses and enter the job market. This competitive graduate recruitment market is not only challenging for jobseekers. With such a large number of graduates entering the job market, companies now have to compete fiercely with each ...more

What Do Millennials Look For In a Job Role?

 Millennial employees – roughly classified as those born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s – often, certainly not always, view their job as merely a stepping stone and a growth opportunity. Their desire for an open and limitless role can result in frequent job-hopping, as they look for their next stimulant. Millennials have ...more

5 Common Mistakes Irish Recruiters Make

You might think your Irish company has largely cracked the recruitment riddle – indeed, here at Webrecruit Ireland, we have put together some of the most extensive online employer resources in Ireland to help ensure you do just that. However, even the best-prepared company can still make mistakes, of which the below five are among ...more

5 tips for putting together an effective job advert

Before your firm communicates in any other way with a candidate, they will encounter your job board advertising and immediately begin coming to conclusions on your company and vacancy. Your job adverts, then, aren’t mere information sources, actually being key to your marketing offer to candidates. Write a great job advert and post it in ...more

3 ways an ATS can boost your employer brand

When recruiting for your business, it has become increasingly important to build on and promote your employer brand. This is where introducing an Applicant Tracking System  (ATS) can help you do just that. Many recruitment and HR professionals are now enjoying the benefits of bringing recruitment software in-house, to not only manage and transform their recruitment processes, ...more

10 essential things your 2016 recruitment advertising campaign needs

It’s that time of year again, to start a-fresh, reflect on the previous year and map out your New Year recruitment goals. Here at Webrecruit Ireland, we have pulled together 10 essential components to consider when creating your 2016 recruitment campaign strategies. Whether this is to improve your candidate journey or management, or to reduce ...more

5 things that applicants expect from your candidate experience

Are the people who apply for your vacancies happy to accept whatever you say to them and however you treat them, on the basis that you are the employer and therefore “know best”? Not in the slightest – 21st century candidates have high standards, and should they be unhappy with yours, many of them will ...more

3 ways to completely mess up your hiring process

Every company in Ireland or Northern Ireland wants to recruit the best person for the job, every time. But of course, by ‘company’ we effectively mean a hiring team, and by ‘hiring team’, we mean a group of human beings who are as prone as any other human beings to getting things wrong – however ...more

5 cost effective candidate screening methods

Even with all of the sophisticated technologies that are now available to recruitment agencies in Ireland and their clients, it isn’t always easy to be sure that the candidate you are hiring is the right one. What are the most cost effective ways to check on a candidate’s background? Learn how Webrecruit Ireland provided Davidson ...more

Why Direct Sourcing Solutions Should Be A Top Priority

Many HR departments continue to ask themselves, can direct sourcing solutions deliver the best candidates? Do I have the right internal capability and resources to do it? With pressure on considerations including time-to-hire, cost and candidate talent pools, plus the rising cost of agencies, it’s no wonder that businesses are looking at ways to enhance and ...more

5 qualities that your next recruit absolutely must have

Recruitment companies throughout Dublin have certainly been getting a lot of business recently as the city’s economy continues its recovery. However, the market is increasingly a candidate’s one – there is frankly a lot of competition for the very best people. If your own company wants to avoid a dud hire, it therefore needs to ...more

4 glaring recruitment mistakes to avoid

A lot of people have a certain image in mind of what the recruitment game is like – of great numbers of candidates furiously competing to impress an employer. It’s an enduring image, and yet, it is not always accurate of staff recruitment in Ireland. In truth, employers usually have a lot of competition of ...more

5 personality traits to seek in a customer service recruit

Throughout your online recruitment in Ireland, you’ll need to consider not just the skills and experiences of your candidates, but also what they are like as people. Certainly, if you are looking for a customer support agent, they will need to be good with other people – but what does that even mean? Here are ...more

The in-house recruiter – a day in the life

So you have decided to bring recruitment in-house, and the task ahead seems like a difficult one. What is important now is having the right resources in terms of tools and people, to ensure your efforts are maximised. Your in-house recruitment team will now need to be built, to aid your direct sourcing strategy for ...more

How to Create a Job Description for an In-House Recruitment Advisor

So you’ve made the decision to go in-house with your organisation’s recruitment. You know your strategy, the tools you need, and the skill sets you are looking for to obtain your vision. But how do you find the right people to deliver the recruitment activities? To start with, you may need to put together a ...more

Things to Consider When Looking at Recruitment Advertising

It has been reported that jobseekers use, on average, a total of 16 different sources when searching for a role. This statistic – from the Candidate Behaviour Survey by Careerbuilder – highlights the importance of for employers to use a range of complementary resources to advertise their jobs to ensure the best level of reach. ...more