Stay on top of your hiring this December with Webrecruit Ireland

December can be a strange time for recruiters and jobseekers alike. As the Christmas excitement builds, the winter wind down commences. In most cases, this means that hiring activities are ignored until recruitment resolutions are put into practice in the New Year. But, why wait until January to get on top of your recruitment? With ...more

How to make your Generation Z employees flourish

Who are Generation Z? Generation Z – The generation of children born between 1995 and 2010 who are famous for their ability to easily hold a conversation and simultaneously scroll through their phones.  The youngest generation on the planet, but one of the most complex, the most talked about and the one with the highest ...more

Our top tips on candidate engagement

It’s no secret that the recruitment process can be, at times, lengthly and cumbersome for a variety of reasons. As a developing business, hiring the right candidates is a crucial process, and one that significantly impacts upon your success. But, with the recruitment process often dragging out, how can candidate engagement be consistently maintained? Webrecruit ...more

How can you support Mental Health in the Workplace?

According to the CIPD, less than one third of line managers are trained to deal with mental health issues. This is a particularly alarming statistic in Northern Ireland alone, with the country reporting a 25% higher overall prevalence of mental health problems than England. Statistics are just as alarming in the South, with 1 in ...more

Employer Branding 101

Employer branding; one of the most common phrases used to explain exactly how a company can attract talent to their businesses. It’s a phrase we’ve all heard but with everything else going on, do we really spend a lot of time focusing on it? We appreciate it’s hard for employers to focus on branding but, ...more

Tips for Recruiting the Ideal Employee

No one ever said that finding the right employee for your organisation was always going to be easy. It’s one of the reasons why you would turn to recruitment experts in the first place: not just to hire better people, but also to learn how to hire better people. At the end of the day, ...more

Three Ways to Maintain a Company Culture

Sometimes within the growth and success of businesses, the corporate value and spirit can become lost. However, a close-knit company culture will highlight exactly what makes the business the success it is. Besides this, a good workplace culture will allow you to invest in the employees, showing them their worth and therefore getting the best out ...more

Three Part Guide to Interview Questions

It’s not just job seekers who have to prepare their answers for interview questions, employers need to ensure they are asking the right questions to get the most out of the interview. The importance and attention given to the interview questions is one of the biggest influences on your organisation’s ability to find great talent ...more

The Best Ways to Successfully Shortlist Candidates

Your recruitment advertising campaign seems to have gone well and applications are beginning to pour in. However, now it’s time to start whittling down the mountain of candidate data and CVs you are faced with. Unfortunately this is a familiar and overwhelming situation for many recruiters, HR personnel and business owners. Although having a large candidate ...more

How to Write an Effective Job Advert

Attracting the right people is the time-consuming objective of many a hiring manager, which is why your recruitment strategies need to be on point. Before your firm communicates in any other way with a candidate, they will encounter your job board advertising and immediately begin to come to conclusions on your company and vacancy. Therefore, ...more

5 Ways to Boost your Candidate Attraction Efforts

When recruiting, deciding which job boards and sources to post your vacancy on will determine how quickly you can attract the right type of candidates for your vacancies. It’s beneficial therefore, to do some background work. You can use your competitors as a benchmark in order to make a judgement on what possibilities are available ...more

5 ways to lure the best sales staff

Even having the right recruiting software isn’t enough to guarantee that you will find – and land – the right candidates. Hiring sales staff is a case in point, with the most intelligent use of your own sales nous often required to get that dream candidate over the line. While you can never guarantee that ...more

5 seasonal hiring tips for retail employees

Retail is very much the ‘front line’ of seasonal business – with an exponential rise in retail demand during each Christmas period, it falls upon recruitment firms in Dublin and the companies that use them to plan carefully and well in advance to ensure that they take on suitable additional staff. Your team members are ...more

How to create a fantastic passive talent funnel

Never underestimate the importance of passive candidates to the staff recruitment of your Belfast company. What do we mean by ‘passive’? We’re referring to those individuals who may not be seeking a job right now – indeed, they might be pretty happy where they are – but who may nonetheless be interested if the right ...more

How to assemble a brilliant social media customer service team

Recruiting a great customer service team to man your company’s social media profiles sounds so easy. Just get a load of tech-savvy youngsters in who seem to spend half of their time on Facebook and Twitter anyway – what could go wrong? Of course, even the least reputable recruitment agencies in Belfast know that it ...more

5 Benefits of Online Recruitment Advertising

The right person is out there, but the hard part is finding them. Traditional recruitment advertising can be costly and slow, and can stop your business from growing at the pace you would like it to. This is where the benefits of targeted online recruitment advertising comes into play. The aim of all businesses is ...more

5 great new hire onboarding tips for SMEs

You don’t need any of the many recruitment firms in Belfast, Dublin or elsewhere in Ireland to tell you that your employees matter – that they make or break a company’s fortunes. Indeed, you will be especially aware of that as an SME or non-profit organisation. After all, smaller firms can have terrible problems with ...more

The Difference between a Job Description and a Job Advert: 8 Things You Need to Know

Whilst evaluating your recruitment advertising strategy, it’s important to consider the content of the adverts that are being seen by your potential applicants. Your job adverts are a reflection of your company and should therefore be perfectly crafted. Many hiring managers may think that sending the job description out as an advert is fine – ...more

Employer Branding and Recruitment: The 5 Cs

Recruitment advertising now goes beyond posting a job ad and waiting for an influx of candidates. It requires an understanding of the market and identifying ways to use your brand to attract the best talent. In recruitment, your employer brand plays a huge part in attracting the right people. According to a Glassdoor survey (2014), ...more

What Every Job Advert Needs

Attracting the right people is the time-consuming objective of many a hiring manager, which is why your recruitment advertising strategies need to be on point. Part of this is your job advertisements, which can influence a candidate’s decision on whether to apply to your vacancy or not. Therefore, you want adverts that will get the ...more